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Institute of Philosophy – University of Wroclaw, The Gaston Bachelard Association "Mythopoeia",

Polish Online Journal of Analytical Psychology JungPoland.org

would like to invite you to:


The International Jungian Conference:

"Liminal Forms of Experience in CG. Jung's Theory

and in Other Contemporary Researches"



The key-note speakers:

1.Prof. Robert Segal – “Liminality from Van Gennep to Turner to Jung“

2.Dr. Scott J. Hill – “Confrontation with the Unconscious: Jungian Insights Into Psychedelic Experience and Psychedelic-Enhanced Therapy”

3.Prof. Dr. med. Torsten Passie - „Jung's Transcendent Function and LSD"


8-10th of May 2020

University of Wroclaw / Poland



In one of his papers Jung mentioned: “In contrast to the subjectivism of the conscious mind the unconscious is objective, manifesting itself mainly in the form of contrary feelings, fantasies, emotions, impulses and dreams, none of which one makes oneself but which come upon one objectively.” (C.G. Jung, The Undiscovered Self)


In the light of the above, we would like to explore at the conference different forms, experiences of the unconscious reality – the experiences from the borderline between conscious and unconscious world. This liminal reality can be observed in different epistemological, phenomenological and psychological categories or dimensions. Those forms of the liminal experience will be put into the centre of the researches’ efforts.


We will study and analyse different forms of ‘the movement’ through the liminal world with its different forms of experiencing and with its hidden realities located beyond the conscious mind. We will refer not only to dreams, free associations, altered states of mind observed in different kinds of rituals, but also to psychedelic and near death experiences. We will follow the path through chaos, confusion, disorientation and disintegration towards better understanding of our inner world and new insights, meanings and integration.


Jung once said: “Most people confuse “self-knowledge” with knowledge of their conscious ego personalities” (C.G. Jung, The Undiscovered Self). At the conference we will continue following his path trying to develop further our self-knowledge by creating space for new insight into our unconscious reality, analysing the contemporary forms of the liminal experiences whether they appear within an individual or within a society in different cultural and socio-economical contexts. We also want to confront Jung's research perspectives with new ones going into border states of the psyche, to answer the question of how far our knowledge about the unconscious is reaching today.


Our efforts will be especially focused on the three dimensions:

1. altered states of mind – unconscious experience, near death experience, psychedelic experience etc.,

2. experiences associated with ritual passages, with living at the edge of "normal structures", and

3. critical life-stages of the individuals and  societies.


At the conference we will propose collective, wider reflections on the contemporary dynamics of the individual and collective psyche which will be articulated in the terms of the key Jungian concepts and findings. Our goal will be also to develop applicability of Jungian thought to wider range of the contemporary social phenomena. We want to describe, discuss and analyse not only psychological processes observed in the Western minds and the culture but also processes and experiences from the other cultures and societies Asia, Southern America or Africa.


Thus the proposed conference is directed not only to Jungian scholars, Jungian analysts, psychologists or psychiatrists, but also to the researchers representing other general areas: philosophy, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, political science, medicine etc.


A major task will be to outline the contemporary usefulness and applicability of Jung's ideas at the beginning of XXI century while simultaneously making a critical review of this theory.


We invite you to join us together with those who use Jung's concepts in their studies, practice and various forms of research.


If you are interested in participating in these efforts we would like to invite you to join us by sending a proposal of for a presentation.


All proposals should be submitted either via the EasyChair.org website:)



or by sending to the email address conference@jungpoland.org. About the registration process you can read in the separate section of this website.


The time for one presentation – maximum 30 minutes (!).


Deadline for submitting the papers - 31.01.2020. The application should also contain a summary (up to 500 words), which can be published in the conference program and a short note about the author. These documents should be sent in txt, pdf or doc format.


Kind Regards,

Organising Committee